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Janine Boudreau
Name Janine Boudreau
Location Andover, Ma
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Hobbies I love to read, knit and needlepoint
About Me My life's passion are my three tiny dogs. Bud Pasquale is a 17 year old Yorkie and a gentle soul, Bella Gardelli is a 5 year old Yorkie who is beautiful but a real handful, I lost my soulmate Romeo last year and pledged no more dogs......But we now have a rescue dog named Minha who is about 5 and perfect.
Janine Boudreau
Jennifer Aniston Brings the Fun!
122 days ago

Thanks so much for the videos. Today is the first time I've looked at the site and it made my day. Ellen is just so special. It would be a difficult task not to just fall in love who she is what she does and the kindness and good she shares with the world. There are so many sad and actual sick things going on that people tend to travel through life forgetting that just one person can make a difference. Ellen is right we should be kind to one another. Even a simple act can make a difference in someone's life. I'm going to do just that every day it will commit myself to one act of kindness. Thank you