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Janie Sundell
Name Janie Sundell
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Hobbies Loving my 4 Golden Retrievers. Training Quarter Horses. Storm chasing. Astronomy.
About Me Nothing unusual. just taking care of my patients. And keep on keepin' on!
Janie Sundell
Bradley Cooper, Bruno Mars and Day 12 of 12 Days!
590 days ago

Greetings! I am an RN, my 2 brothers and father are physicians, my son and husband are EMT/Firefighters and my daughter dispatches medical helicopters and we are exhausted. Nothing can compare to what the families are suffering through but these massacres are taking their toll on us First Responders, although we won't admit it!
Anyway...I just had to vent, Ellen. May grace and peace be with you and with those you love and cherish. Thank you, Ellen.