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Janice Sisson
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Hobbies Golf & spending every moment possible with my best friend & husband, Audie
About Me Live each day as if it were my last, and love as if I didn't have a care in the world.
Janice Sisson
Sophia Grace & Rosie, Kiefer Sutherland
539 days ago

Desr Ellen, How precious can Sophia Grace & Rosie become. Rosie has really bloomed into an adorable little singing Star, check out her moves. The two of them compliment one another so well, how could you not love them. Their book is just another asset to getting to relate to their inner beauty, as just precious little girls. Their parents must be extremely proud! Love you

Janice Sisson
Message from Ellen
601 days ago

Dear Ellen,

You asked to write in today, and all I ask is that this e-mail be for you and your staff. I've been a loyal follower since 2004 and have waited all this time for the day to come to ask this of you. My husband & I have been playing our holiday game, Hide & Seek LEON since 2004, and have been working with Russ Weinzimmers law firm, only to be told that our patent won't happen and now they want another $6500 to go to the Board of Appeals by the 7th of Dec. Ellen,we've already spent over $35k to get this far. Hopefully,we'll have LEON on u-tube next week sometime. We will have already invested again, with no guarantee of being patent pending. Oh my gosh, I've prayed and done everything I can possibly do. The people need LEON, he's special, as a portion of royalties will be going to cancer research for both children and womens ovarian cancer. I've waited to request any advice, or even a phone call to Russ to perhaps reduce his fees, he was on your show. For all you do for so many, I love you Ellen and wish you, Portia and your Staff the best holida ever! Janice Sisson