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Janice Oswald
Name Janice Oswald
Location Pilger, Nebraska
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Hobbies Collect Pink Depression Glass, Crochet, started collecting snowmen, antiques.
About Me Adopted. Married 35 yrs. Battled Breast Cancer & Won! 4 Children & 1 Granddaughter. RN. Love to Travel, Music, Shop, Go out to Eat at new Places, Out-going, Love Holidays & Love to Laugh! And I Love The Ellen Show & Ellen!!
Janice Oswald
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588 days ago

What a Horrible day this is for the families who lost their Innocent Beautiful Little Children & the teachers in the school shooting :( Our Hearts are Breaking for All of them! Also how sad for All the Little kids who had to witness such a Terrible Tragedy. May God Bless Each & Every One Of Them & Wrap Them In His Arms! Ellen: Maybe todays prizes could go to All these Families to Help bring a little cheer to their lives. I Love Your show & You!!

Janice Oswald
Howie Mandel, Day 8 of 12 Days!
590 days ago

Looking forward to your show today! Love Howie & I am sure there will be tons of laughter :) My friends & I have always talked of taking a girls trip together & going to see Ellen live! Not sure when, but we do hope to make this happen some day! Love You Ellen & Thanks For All You Do For Others! CHEERS, Janice

Janice Oswald
Fergie and Day 6 of 12 Days!
592 days ago

Hello Ellen!! Love Your Show & You! So Much Fun & Always Feel Happy after I watch the show :) A Great Pick-me-Upper!! Thanks for being such a Generous & Kind Person to so many people! And by this, I don't mean by giving all the gifts you give, but by the gift of your Humor & Your Zest for life! I look forward to watching your show as often as possible. I work nights as an RN at a treatment center for sex offenders, who have just been released from the state penitentiary. Some nights I come home & don't feel too cheery but, know when I wake up I can watch your show & the laughter begins! What a Great Gift From God You Have :) Thanks so much & Merry Christmas Ellen & All Your Family, Janice