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Janice Millard
Name Janice Millard
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Hobbies I am an online college student. I was hacked years ago and lost 5 or 6 computers. So, I have been going to college to learn how to program and webdesign and I want to catch hackers as it reuined my life being hacked and cost my very much money. If I have tosit on a jury stand for a penny a day for a year to put a hacker away. I will.
About Me I like to help people. I have volunteered to manage a Domestic Battered Women's Shelter and did 2 6 month terms. I was a volunteer fire fighter trained for wild land fires. At that time I was going to school and raising a son as a single mom and going medical and EMT and first responder. Moved to Florida and I volunteered for the American Red Cross doing hurricane shelters and was trained more in emergency management and recieved a letter of recognition for setting up and taking down the shelters. I even had a pizza eating contest during a hurricane. 2 weeks prior to me going air search and ground rescue I was in a bad car accident as some kids were out joy riding and ran the red light on me. I was put into the on coming traffic and then hit again and fliped over and took everything down in my path. The engine was on my leg and I was catching on fire. I some how managed to rip my leg out and was in a wheel chair for close to a year. Now I am an Equine Vet Tech/Trainer for race horses which was a program through the state of Florida Vocational program. I like to use my knowledge and skills to help animals and people as I recieve personal gratification. I have help cure many race horses from injuries that they have sustain from racing. My first horse had a hammer slammed through his nose due to losing a race. His name was Wild Code. I had a friend with an injured pitbull to his ear and she could not afford the vet bill so I bought what I needed and lanced his ear and pushed all the blood and pus out and I had blood all over me that my blonde hair turned pink. He all most bit me, but he knew I was there to help him. Just a few weeks ago I stopped traffic in both lanes as these wild turkeys were crossing and some one delibertly hit one of them I was so mad. I had to move the bird out of the road as not to cause any car accident and I did not get out of the road until every wild turkey was safe on the other side and boy was I called some dirty names. I did not care. I will volunteer my skills and knowledge to help any animal or people medically.I just was notified that I may have cancer and well if there is one thing I would want to do in this life is go to Europe so I am saving what little money I can. And to get me a nice computer. So, that is a little about me. And bulling that is a good cause. No one has the right to put their hands on any one in a hurtful way and yes I have been known to get in a few fights as to stick up for the person being bulling. I love it when some one finds out that I studied martial arts. I am the type of person that will put myself in between the person picking on some one and telling them to pick on me or your gonna have to go through me first. I do not like people who bully people. That's just a little about me.