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Janete Ramos
Name Janete Ramos
Location Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Age 24
Joined 121 days ago
Hobbies Sing, read, listen to music, watch movies and series and of course watch Ellen on or youtube
About Me Well, there's actually not much to say about me, I'm just a regular college student who deals with ups and downs like everyone else. I'm a very thankful and grateful for all I have and all I'm able to do. I love the Ellen show, I mean how could I not? I've never been to the States and here in Europe most of the people have this fantasy that in the United States of America everything is perfect. With the Ellen show, I realized that, that is not the case. I'm not happy about it, what I'm happy about is that there are some people out there, like Ellen, that help these people who are not doing great. I'm grateful that people like Ellen exist and I enjoy watching her surprise, help and bringing joy to the people in need. If just everybody would do that..
Janete Ramos
Matt LeBlanc, Jared Leto
121 days ago

I'm so inspired by Jared Leto, he's such a talented person but above all he seems like a great man. I was so moved by his speech at the oscars.