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Janet Wohleber
Name Janet Wohleber
Joined 682 days ago
Hobbies Watching The Ellen Show, tweeting, listening to Tom Andrews, cross stitch and following Kym Douglas
About Me I LOVE The Ellen Show !! For that one hour everyday she makes me laugh, smile and yes sometimes cry but they are tears of joy for she is so kind ! I ma slightly disabled and live with pain everyday since 2008 at that time I found Ellen again and have invited her into my living room everyday since :D Her motto Be Kind to one another has become my motto too !
Janet Wohleber
Kym Douglas' Tropical Vacation
73 days ago

Loved the show! Kym is so awesome and inspiring! She's funny, witty, wacky, adorable and very smart! Love it everytime Ellen and Kym get together! Ellen should have a weekly segment Kym's Corner or something, and have Kym on alot more often! She is a ball of energy and does the most amazing cash at your door. You can just feel Kym's excitement too for the families she's visiting! I'd love to have Kym come bursting thru my door!

Janet Wohleber
Maya Rudolph, Sean Hayes
75 days ago

So happy to hear Kym Douglas will be back! I adore her! She has the greatest DIY Beauty tips, love that Beauty Bib of hers and she is just so funny! Loveit when Ellen and Kym get together! Can't wait to hear all about her Hawaiian vacay and stay in a treehouse!

Janet Wohleber
Check Out Kym Douglas' Beauty Bib
114 days ago

Love it everytime you have Kym Douglas on your show! The beauty bib is wonderful I have one!

Janet Wohleber
An Airbnb Trip for Kym Douglas
114 days ago

This so awesome! Ellen you'r the greatest! Kym deserves this! Sh's amazing! Love it everytime you have her on your show! The beauty bib is wonderful!

Janet Wohleber
Luke Bryan, B.J. Novak
124 days ago

Can't wait for next Thursday, April 3rd! Sounds like an awesome show and why wouldn't it be Kym Douglas is coming back I just LOVE her and Ellen together and Kym's Beauty Bib is wonderful! I love mine!

Janet Wohleber
Check Out all the Products Kym Douglas Demonstrated!
156 days ago

Ellen I always love it when you have the ever funny and always adorable Kym Douglas on! I am so proud to be a supporter of hers thanks to you, and am extra proud of her today with the unveiling of her first Kym Douglas Design Line product the Beauty Bib!Way to go Ellen and Kym! Hugs and best wishes!

Janet Wohleber
David Spade, Kym Douglas
160 days ago

Can't wait until this Thurs! last time 7 years ago when Kym Douglas was on helping Ellen get for the Oscars it was a riot! Can't wait to see what Kym has for Ellen this time! Kym and Ellen are awesome together it's like peaches and cream the way they compliment each other!

Janet Wohleber
Kym Douglas' Unbelievable Beauty Tips
248 days ago

Loved the show today, Ellen! I always watch your show you make me smile everyday! I smile extra big and laugh even more if that's even possible when you have Kym Douglas on! I love her she is such a little ball of energy and is so funny you guys are the perfect pair. Hoping you have her on a lot more ! Maybe you could do a Kym's Korner weekly or monthly! She's a riot!

Janet Wohleber
Wanda Sykes, Kate Upton
526 days ago

I love love live it when the always funny and inspirational Kym Douglas is on with Ellen! I just had ear surgery this past Monday, Feb 11th and I am in need of some pure Bliss as only my two fav funny ladies can bring!! Can't wait Ellen to see what Kym and you have in store for us this time! hey Ellen and Kym Call Me Maybe :) I'll be here !!

Janet Wohleber
Eric Stonestreet, Emeli Sandé
535 days ago

can't wait to watch my two favorite Angels of Bliss you never know what will happen when Kym Douglas shows up at your door!! Looking forward to another amazing show with Ellen and Kym! Congrats to whoever the lucky person is on Thursday! Ellen and Kym have inspired me so much and they make cry tears of joy and laugh and dance ! Thank you Ellen and Kym for making Bliss happen for me and so many!

Janet Wohleber
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Kym Douglas!
647 days ago

Love Love Love the funny always inspirational Kym Douglas! Ellen and Kym are pure Bliss!! Thanks for having Kym back hope to see her many many more times this season!

Janet Wohleber
Steamy Beauty Tips
648 days ago

I can't wait to watch The Ellen Show today! My two fav funny ladies together again! They turn the world on with their smiles!! Good times are a head! Kym Douglas is always so wacky and has loads of useful information and Ellen well there's not much to say she is a bucketful of Bliss everyday!!
Janet Wohleber

Janet Wohleber
Kym Douglas and Emma Watson
654 days ago

Can't wait to see my fav two funny girls together again ! Kym Douglas and Ellen there's no better combination for a Great time and laughter!! Ellen you should have a Beauty Corner Segment with Kym Douglas every week !! You two are my daily dose of inspiration!
Loads of Love and Laughter !!
Janet Wohleber

Janet Wohleber
Tom Andrews
682 days ago

Can't wait to hear more about tom Andrews but he released his single Carry Me On May 18,2011 on your show not Sept, 17, 2011 He made his first appearance on the Show Sept 16, 2010 :D We love him and you and have been waiting a long time for his album :D Please give an update on Tom Andrews soon :D