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Janet Williams
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Janet Williams
Message from Ellen
325 days ago

Hello Ellen,
WOW I have 3 cats myself and I know how they love to cause computer problems, lol. Well gosh I keep trying to win something. I have been watching your show since it began and love everything you do. So winning something (especially all of the 12 days) would be great. I have 11 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren so I could use all those gifts to give to them for Christmas. I think I would make a big splash with them all, what do your think. Hugs Ellen

Janet Williams
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580 days ago

Hello again Ellen,
Its me again trying to win something from your giveaway shows. You do such fun stuff and you surprise people so well. Good job and keep it up. I am sure your momma is very proud of you.
Merry Christmas to you all.

Janet Williams, Katy, TX

Janet Williams
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582 days ago

Hello Ellen
So its the 12th day, WOW. And to be able to win ALL 12 days would be the greatest. I sure hope I get picked to win.
Merry Christmas Ellen.
Janet Williams, Katy, TX

Janet Williams
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583 days ago

Hello Ellen
I cannot believe its day 11 already of your wonderful Christmas giveaway. I do hope I become one of your many lucky winners.
So I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas Ellen and the best
New Year ever.

Hugs and love from me and Ron here in Katy, TX

Janet Williams
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584 days ago

Hello Ellen
Last year my precious daughter Kimberly died from what began as Breast Cancer, developed in 4 stage bone cancer and due to a fall where she struck her head and had internal bleeding and with in 17 days following that fall the angels came and took her away and her terrible pain stopped for ever. We watched your show whenever she could so we could laugh. You helped us during her treatments when she was still getting them. Thank you. I hope you see your way to picking me so I can get to CA to see the tree that her son and nephew and niece planted in her honor and to have some very great prizes to share with my most wonderful and supportive family. Hugs Ellen, Janet, Katy, TX

Janet Williams
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586 days ago

Hi Ellen,
Please pick me as I my sweet loving daughter passed away last year
as a result of breast cancer and my two grandsons and granddaughter-in-law had a tree dedicated to her at a park in in Orange County, CA
that I have not been able to visit and I would be able to be there
and feel close to my daughter. She was a beautiful lady with a beautiful spirit and we all miss her very much. Thanks Ellen

Janet Williams
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587 days ago

Hi Ellen.
Been watching your show for years and you never cease to amaze me on your love of people and animals and your giving spirit. I really hope I get to win some of your wonderful prizes.
Have a very Merry Christmas my dear and a wonderful New Year