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Janet Tanguay
Name Janet Tanguay
Location Amsterdam, NY
Age 49
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Hobbies Tennis, film, mixed media art, random acts of kindness
About Me I'm a Creativity Coach and owner of Art n Soul, Inc. TV and I help creative people start their own businesses. I love to laugh, live and be grateful, not necessarily in that order. I've never won anything on Ellen except she mentioned my name once on the show during the early years so that makes me a winner:)
Janet Tanguay
Message from Ellen
450 days ago

Oh, I just love all of your shows but here are some of my all time favs...1. I love when Heidi Klum musses you up 2. The recent show with Diane Keaton just took the cake...I had tears running down my cheeks 2. Sophia Grace & Rosie anytime 3. Amy singing to strangers in various retail'd be great if she sang the English version of one of PSY's songs...the words make no sense 4. Dennis Quaid at Starbucks of course 5. Ellen art gallery 6. Alice the retiree who drinks a little too much in the afternoon 7. Steve Spangler's crazy science experements 8. Scaring Taylor Swift 9. When Andy can't handle the dirty words 10. When Tony fell off his seat Keep up the great work!!

Janet Tanguay
Caption This! Kitten and a Raccoon
576 days ago

Happy Holidays! Have you seen my package?