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Janet Sanderson
Name Janet Sanderson
Location Mecosta, Michigan
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Hobbies reading,play games on computer, cooking.
About Me I am 56 years old. I have lived in Michigan all of my life. I love animals. I am disabled. I have two children and five grandchildren. My favorite color is green.
Janet Sanderson
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596 days ago

Hi,Ellen-I would like to wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I would like you to know that even on my worst days , while watching your show I have 1 hour of brightness. Let me recap my year for you. In 2012, I had two major surgeries. The first was to remove a tumor that had eaten almost completely through the bone. As they were trying to figure out what type of tumor it was, they discovered a mass in my brain. SO, one month after the first surgery, I had a craniotomy. During all this, we were living above my son and daughter-in-law's garage. After I finally got my disability, we ran across a land contract deal. At least we have our own house, and,{very important to me} I don"t have to find a home for my dog. I was willing to be homeless rather than give her up. So now we have a house, with running water and everything! But of course, now that the weather has gotten cold, we find we need a new furnace. Ellen, I could probably go on and on, but the violins are making it hard to concentrate. If you could just wish me and my family a MERRY CHRISTMAS during your show, it would make that one hour of my day that much brighter. Thank-you, and MERRY CHRISTMAS , Janet Sanderson

Janet Sanderson
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608 days ago

Ellen,I don't know if I'm posting this in the right area or not but here goes. I originally was going to ask you to help us have a little something for Christmas.[We can't even afford x-mas tree] But then I seen on the local news last week,that there was a laundromat fire in Gaylord,Mi. that not only destroyed the laundromat,but also destroyed a space that the local TOYS FOR TOTS was using to store all the donated toys they had collected. This has been on my mind every since I heard of it. Please help the children in Otsego Co. Thank-you, J.S.