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Janet Dentler
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Janet Dentler
Are You Ellen's Biggest Fan in Australia?
551 days ago

Hi Ellen My name is Janet Dentler I watch your show everyday,may I just say you are wonderful.I am about to go in for Brain surgery on the 28th of this month I plan on watching your show to keep my spirits up for a fast recovery. I was watching your show about your trip to Australia and have the best story to tell you. My daughter Ashley was in the 5th grade and was starting a new school.Well after the first couple of weeks of school was a meet the teacher week.Well when I went to meet her teacher I was told I speak Great English,I was very confused and asked what she meant,She stated that since we were from Australia I speak English very well.I Stated we had never been to Australia,the teacher stated that Ashley had told her that, is where we were from and had been speaking Australian.It has been a dream of hers to go to Australia this would be a great chance for her.

Thank You
Janet Dentler