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About Me I am a proud Grandmother of 9. Semi retired, married to Larry Clever.
Janet Clever
Ellen's Birthday Busts
546 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I would like to tell you about a precious little girl that has had more than any 11 year old should ever have to go through. Her name is Rachel Tudi from Pittsburgh Pa. She has had a form of Muscular dystrophy for almost her entire life which has led to a tremendous amount of pain and numerous operations. As I write this she is in the hospital for yet another operation to relieve the pain she is in. This little girl is the sweetest child and always thinking of others first. This year for Christmas she said she didn't want presents but wanted money donated to an animal shelter instead. So there are homeless pets in Pittsburgh that are benefiting from her never ending kindness. Just wanted you to know about her. Rachel is a cousin to my daughter-in-law.
Thanks for your time
Janet Clever