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Janet Breckon
Name Janet Breckon
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Hobbies Gardening,reading, listening to music,movies and family time.
About Me I am a 57yr young single female. I work at the local hospital. Over the last couple of years my three daughters and their children have moved away from the area so I am trying to find out what I want to do now I've grown up. I do more things with friends now, but not as much as I would like because I don't have the finances, and I did inherit my youngest daughters dog when she moved.
Janet Breckon
And the Day 7 Winners Are...
223 days ago

I am confused on the winners list. It is day 7 and the list is out at 10 am? I am loosing track I watch each day and I am so mixed up, well it is way past my bedtime so I am off to bed, maybe it will be clearer after a rest.

Janet Breckon
Win All the Day 1 Prizes from 12 Days!
225 days ago

Does one sign up daily then on the homepage and facebook all for the same day every day? I'm there then.

Janet Breckon
Sophia Grace & Rosie, Hayden Panettiere
329 days ago

I absolutely love your show, don't know that a could do all media venues you use but I have tried the summer giveaways but I am not sure it is going through, and I am not sure why we are asked each time we enter why we should be a winner. It is the same answer each time. The picutre part is hard for me. I mean I deserve to win no less or no more than anyone else, it would just make my year if I did. I can't afford to travel, I am my only income and I don't make enough to do that kind of thing with all my other bills to pay first. I usually send a desposible camera with my friends that travel and they very graciously take pictures for me, so I have this travel dream photo album with pictures from Italy, Greece, Ireland,and London so far. I really like how you end your show with "Be kind to one another, I wish more people would. And thank you for Sophia Grace and Rosie they are most delightful.