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Janet Beyer Hicks
Name Janet Beyer Hicks
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Hobbies sewing, crochet, volunteering with groups, AA and HLSR, Church festival and other places. Traveling back roads of Texas and taking pictures of windmills. Pictures of Churches and old old buildings of houses in country
About Me bubbly, fun, happy, emtionally craziness in my head with those crazy voices! Love to listen to people who have problems that just need to talk. Watch ELLENTV and Oprah and Lifetime and Hallmark Movies
Janet Beyer Hicks
What's Wrong with This Baby in a Tree?
299 days ago

Looks like he is alittle butt wish! cute butt.

Janet Beyer Hicks
'The Mentalist' Simon Baker
356 days ago

Australian Fan! She was just priceless and what lucky sister to get to join her! I enjoyed the replay show since I was at the Dr. and missed the real show... Thanks internet!
I never have blogged so i'm not sure what to say or how to do this and I can figure out what we are blogging about. So, this might now be on topic. But, i love the show, I 'd love to see this show as an audience member, during Christmas 12 days. I'm 55 just like you, so we have something in common! I have a sweet precious puppy, named Lil Missy, she's Shih Tzu! hope this worked as the blog? Janet (55 - learning to blog - thru Ellen's bloggers