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About Me I live alone. I have a wonderful job & I adore my management. They treat us well. For this Im grateful.
A Bullied Student Finds an Inspiring Hero
373 days ago

You hear sad stories all day long. This one may not be much different but it is to me because it's about my best friend. Her name is Cathy Murphy...aka "Murph". Cathy was in a horrible car accident years ago that resulted in a trachiotmy. She's permanently disabled yet she is the full time care giver for both her father & older brother. Her youngest niece has been diagnosed with the "cancer gene" which Murph inputs her entire social social security check to in effort to help her 28 yr old niece with any extra funds the child may need. Recently I was very ill. She was at my by bedside morning noon & night.

Murph doesnt complain or ask for anything. It's high time someone helps her. i try when I can but i cannot make her life easier which she so deserves. What I'd like to see for her is weekend cruise away...maybe a few $$$ to ease the financial burden that her unfortunate life has left her.

She's my best friend in the whole world. I would gladly die for he. Please help a good woman that is way to proud to ask for help.

I adore you for considering it. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Love ya,