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Janel Foster
The Incredible Jessica Bassett
169 days ago

For those of you that don't know it yet...Jessica Bassett's song is now available on iTunes. Ellen also has a link on her site now! Let's support this young lady. She's an incredible talent. Personally, I think Ellen should sign her herself! Thanks again Ellen for bringing her onto your show and talking to your friends in those high places, allowing us the opportunity to get Jessica's amazing song! She's an incredible singer/songwriter and as far as I'm concerned, its AI's loss and our gain. She deserves an incredible career!
Thank you Ellen!!!! We all love you! I'm going to post the link to Jessica's song on my FB page and pass it on and on...networking!!! It's the best advertisement! All the best Jessica!

Janel Foster
The Incredible Jessica Bassett
171 days ago

Hi Ellen! It was so nice seeing Jessica Bassett on your show! American Idol really made
a mistake letting her go! You're so sweet for having her on your show and exposing her to your audience as well! She's got MAJOR talent! I think you should just sign her yourself! Another gold mine! Anyway, as per your announcement, I've been looking on iTunes now for 24 hrs and cannot find Jessica listed anywhere in my search. If you've got your peeps reading these posts, would you please have someone advise us as to the status of the availability of downloading Jessica's song. There are MANY OF US who are more than willing to support this girl and her career. It's because of you Ellen, that this girls dreams may come true!
Thank you for being you!!!