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Jane Ritz
Name Jane Ritz
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Hobbies sewing, crocheting, watching grandchildren's ballgames and football.
About Me I am 57. I am unemployed with no income. I was a 2nd grade and special ed teacher with a Master's Degree.Kids just out of college cost less. Here teacher's are considered contract workers and don't get unemployment. Also on 9-11-11 a guy was texting and totaled my car and left me with injuries. I have headaches almost constantly. I try not to let my children know that. I have 8 grandchildren and 4 children. I have a son, daughter and son-in-law who are police officers. My other two sons are in manufacturing. I am divorced and live with my cat Greasy who was rescued from a crack house. (That's another story). I try to help others when ever I can. I believe that everyone should share their God-given talents in whatever manner that you can. I also screen projects for Donor's Choose to help our local elementary school. Ellen you are my favorite. You bring smiles and dance and do so much for this world. I do appreciate you.