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Jane McCormick
Name Jane McCormick
Location White Bear Lake, MN
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Hobbies I have a book that keeps me I have a TV show also and I do many interviews with abused children and adults that have been abused. Shatter The Silence And Stop The Violence is my way of trying to save all the abused.
About Me I am a TV host in White Bear Lake at the Suburban Community Channel also have a Play that is being made in Reno Nev . Opening July 20th its about my life story.
Jane McCormick
Bethenny Frankel, Martin Short
409 days ago

I want to tell you the new Play that is all about NV, brothels and that type of life style is happening on July 19th in Reno NV, VOICES IN THE LIFE Norman Stephens is the Producer and Cameron Crain is the director. These two men have done a great job of getting it all together as a great play . It will show how the SEX-Trade happend from 1800's to Teen Trafficking of today.It is a eye opener for sure. Come and meet me I will be there to watch a wonderful lady play my part. Suzanne Crawford. She is a great actress. Come to Reno and watch it with me. Love Jane McCormick

Jane McCormick
Message from Ellen
473 days ago

Hi Ellen
They are making a play about my life in Reno Nev, The play is called Voices In The Life.
I hope you will be watching for it. I have a community Tv show here were I interview many people that were in prostitution and were abused as children. My show is Breaking My Silence.I want to connect all the many services their are and no one knows were thay are, I have been doing interviews fr a year i want to haveit on the big channels lif realty show. Can you help me Ellen? You can see my interviews on my web site I sur wish you coul help me get connected with a big station? XOXOXO Jane McCormick