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Ellen's Plea for Sandy Relief
624 days ago

I've Lived here on Long Island all my life 60years. I've never seen such devastation. It's so hard to see my family going through this. My brother and sister in law lost there house. He was injured at work a few years ago and now he lost his home that he occupied for 28 years. He took such good care of his home and now its gone. They have nothing. What a great way to go into retirement after working hard your whole life. My sister in law and brother in law also lost there home and both their cars. We lent them one of our cars for the time being. Wish we could afford to do more. We still don't have power day 11 but its a small price to pay. Unfortunately the looting and burglaries have begun. What has happened to the American way. We are failing our children. Lipa is to blame they have an antiquated system that has been in place since the 1930 s. lets face it all of the companies money goes to the top executives and there big payouts . In this day and age with all of our technology we should have one of the best systems out there. But instead the executives are grossly over paid.