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Jana Nieckoski
Name Jana Nieckoski
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Hobbies Reading, cooking, watching Ellen!
About Me Love Ellen and everything she stands for!
Jana Nieckoski
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234 days ago

I tape your show everyday and save it to watch it at the end of the day so it cheers me up and makes me laugh off my stress full day!
You are so generous and I love your theory on being kind to someone everyday. I don't get out much now with being sick, but when I did work and when I speak to someone on the phone, like a customer rep., or a Dr.'s receptionist now, I always try to make them laugh and do 3 nice things for people a day. I'm 41 and pretty much homebound now, but I have always believed in being kind to everyone I meet.
You're such a great inspiration...if only the we had more people like you in the world, what a world it would be!

Merry Christmas to you and Porsche! You deserve all the Love you share!

With Love from My heart!
Jana Banana