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jana gallagher
Name jana gallagher
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About Me I am trying to come back to the real world from a life a crime because my son needs me. Its been seven years no new charges to no avail
jana gallagher
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238 days ago

Before reading the site at all i was trying to enter the twelve days of gifts i remember seeing it on ur show but dont recall how it all went down and at the end of the page it asked for my story well i didnt and still dont know what the criterea is for the show but i do know my story that. Poured out was about my son and oittle did i know it would tie into. Part of one of the topics in ur page..... being raised by MMY GRANDMA AND GRANDPPA you can imagine the dress he is use to and the klanguage used and so im sure u then realise the bullying he goes through and my grandma just went to the principle about recently it makes my story that much more important to my sons life! Please can we show this kid the way of the world just once hes never even played a video game to my knowledge or ridden a quad. Or ppoayed music loud or anything! Sorry for the long wind but i feel all of the sudden an excitement and anticipation! Gauge mommy loves you