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jan oglesby
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jan oglesby
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570 days ago

I'm glad everyone won,just a little jealous.I've always wanted to win,but I guess I'm not lucky.thank you for helping so many people,you have changed so many lives.i just wish it was've got a big heart.God bless you Ellen.i love you my friend,may God have mercy on your soul.i cry when I think about what will happen to you on judgment day,you have done so much for deserve mercy.....xoxo

jan oglesby
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595 days ago

Thank you Ellen for giving away things.especially now when times are so on social security disability and my husband has no job.were ok but we could be doing 53 and my husband is 55.He's an electricain and can't find a job.i guess they feel he's to old to start over.I don't know what they want.He's a good man and very loyal.A very good employee. Well thank you again for all you do for us poor you and God bless you and your staff.;-)