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Jan Flynn
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Hobbies reading, journaling, depending on my health, I love to hike, learning to sew, repurposing old furniture, Music, all types. Dancing ;)
About Me Just starting a new phase in life, my children are grown and I divorced when my youngest was 4and1/2 he is now 20. Mother of 3,2boys and a girl. I was a stay at home mom, and wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm the youngest of 6. I'm just learning at 45 who I am again, except I'm doing it with multiple physical disabilities. I believed in paying it forward before it was talked about (do unto others) I've spent time volunteering and working with battered women, and started a non profit org in the town I live in called bereavement groups of Foxboro, I lost my dad when I was 8, and there werent really alot of services (other than 1 on 1therapy, scary) so I councelled teens who had lost a parent. I'm really easy going, more spiritual than religious, and believe in the pursuit of happiness in every part of life. My greatest achievement is my 3 awesome kids, they're truly kind, thoughtful, and considerate and yes they would help an old lady across the street, hold doors, and respect their elders, which nowadays I think are sad but rare qualities in the younger generation. I'm Italian and German, so I have 2 volumes, loud and louder, and can't talk if you tie my hands behind my back, lol. Depending on how I'm feeling, I still would go puddle jumpin in the warm summer rain! Never take myself too seriously but am serious about the things I believe in. Oh yeah I'm still single, hahaha. I'd love to travel if I had the finances. Love my family, the crazy group we are, oh I'm sure theres more, I just cant remember right now! Oh and I love your spirit Ellen, scaring people, love to laugh!
Jan Flynn
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Ellen, this is so hard for me but I don't know where else to turn. I've dealt with multiple disablities for years, but I worked through the pain in order to be able to have my family get together for good food and memories, not so much the gifts (although when the funds were there, gifts were too) My health has deteriorated over the past 6yrs and I now live in a one bedroom almost efficiancy style apartment (Its a roof over my head) Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, because of what it means, the celebration of the birth of my lord and savior, some of my favorite memories were stringing popcorn, baking with my mom and cooking and gathering the family. I love decorating the tree, and my home. This is the 1st Christmas in 45 years, I don't have a tree, no decorations, no money to bake cookies or cook a meal and DEFINATELY no money for gifts(thankfully my kids are grown & understand) I love the look on someones face when you get them a gift that they love, whether it's .50cents, or 5 dollars, I'm thankful beyond belief that I have family that loves me, but the joy for me is in the giving and there is no sign of christmas in my home, although I keep hoping there will be some miracle which will return the joy to my heart. Please if you can help in any way, you don't know what that would mean to me.