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Jan Collins
Name Jan Collins
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Hobbies Reading, taking care of my pups, working out
About Me I'm retired, so I have much more time to watch Ellen now. I have two small dogs (though they are NOT treated like dogs) that I spend alot of time with. They are so sweet ... Lucy and Lacey. I love to shop, read and have recently volunteered to help elementary school children with reading and other school activities. My husband's job takes him out of state alot, so I'm home alone during the week, but I keep myself pretty busy.
Jan Collins
Jessica Lange and Hunter Hayes
639 days ago

As I do as much as possible, I watched Ellen today. I missed one small part when I ran to do some laundry. Ellen hired a new employee because of a video she sent to Ellen. It was such a cool idea, but I wish I could see the video she sent. Is it available on her website?

I LOVE the show and watch it as much as possible. Never a dull moment on Ellen!