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Jan Bickford
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Jan Bickford
Message from Ellen
125 days ago

Ellen I watch your show almost every day and I just want to tell you, you bring joy into my life because you make me laugh. I'm 64 and live alone. At times that can get depressing although I stay optimistic and hopeful.. The last few yrs have been a medical challenge. Diagnosed in 2006 with Takayasu (Iknow there is a joke in there somewhere for you) no cure but manageable with drugs. in 2009 diagnosed with anal rectal cancer. In 2013 spent 3 days in icu for pulmonary embolism. In Feb. my son fell a broke his neck in 3 place. Luckily he lived through it and eventually will be ok. I believe that staying as healthy as I can will only help me through my journeys, so I walk 3 miles a day and have become a vegetarian. My wish, now that i'm healthier is to volunteer at the cancer center and help out where I can but I need a car to do that. I drive a 21 yr. old chevy and it is not dependable. I spent Thanksgiving alone and I know I could have been somewhere helping out if I had dependable transportation. Sometimes we need help, to be able to help. Thank you for listening to my story.

Jan Bickford
Check In to Viggle!
335 days ago

Hi Ellen, I watch you show every chance I get, you make me laugh. If I were to win this money I would buy a used car as mine is dying . I would pay some of my accessive medical bills, as I have been diagnosed with Takayasu, cancer and recently had a pulmanary embolism. I've had to cancel Drs. appts because I couldn't get there. But I keep a possitive attitude because for some reason I'm still here, so there must be a bigger plan for me, I will figure it out. I help myself by being as healthy as I can, I'm 63 and I walk 2 to 3 miles a day and I'm a vegetarian on my way to vegan I hope. Despite my health challenges, I love to walk, read, knit and my hope would be to one day volunteer at the cancer center. I just need to be able to get there.

Jan Bickford
Vote for Your Favorite Moment from Season 10!
349 days ago

I think the funniest parts of your show are when you scare people that are sitting in the chair being interviewed by you..

Jan Bickford
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492 days ago

I am a cancer survivor and now supporting my niece who has breast cancer. Your show is the highlight of my day because it makes me smile. I try to watch you everyday. My mother use to tell her children to "be kind to each other" so that also resinates a good memory. Thank You Ellen