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Jamie Dotta
Name Jamie Dotta
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Hobbies My Kids, decorating, floral designing, entering contests
About Me Im am single mother of three, Chelsea Noelle age 24, Morgan Christy age 23, both graduates of Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA and my son, Connor James age 11 and in 5th grade!! My kids are my WORLD!
Jamie Dotta
Jamie Foxx, One Direction
570 days ago

Just finished watching Day 11 and my face has a smile! I am fortunate to be able to tape it so I may watch after work. My smile has turned to tears of saddness as "Ellen Day 12" has just come on. I have had so much saddness to overcome in my life, however when I see my children it reminds me exactly why I exhist!
As I turned on this computer to write about our needs I no longer feel my troubles are worthy. Your personal message to all,, regarding a tragedy so horrific, was extremely heartfelt. During these holidays that tragedy has been unmentioned.
Having lost loved ones myself without reason, I understand the pain. My heart and my prayers to every family in Newtown. May their faith enable them to just get up in the morning!
Happy 2013 to ALL and since it's day 1...let your dreams for this year go wild!
Bless you Ellen for making dreams come true!
Very Sincerely,
Jamie Dotta