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James Stevens
Name James Stevens
Location Cleveland, Ohio
Age 53
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Hobbies Consists, of Cooking, Billiards, Singing, Dancing, Bowling, Movies, Shows, Concerts, Traveling, Family Events, and Chillaxing..
About Me I'm a positive person who is driven confident, and strong willed, motivated, and a pretty honest and direct individual who helps and assists others in need both family and friends,and just a fun loving guy taking it day bay day by the Grace of God...
James Stevens
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600 days ago

Hello, Ellen I love your show as I'm a great big fan!!!Someday I would like nothing more than to come on your show and meet you of course that would be a blast but, to actually sing for you if you are in need of a vocalist and perhaps I will even write a song just for you because you are a shining light to me. You make my day because of you I have accomplished some things when it comes to Theatre and the Arts but, singing is my true calling. I will enter in the Contest for the 12 day Giveaway, However, one of these days although, at this time I honestly can't afford it right now due to me just returning to work at the Post Office I do look forward to seeing you in person one day on your show. That is my dream...Thanks for what you do for all people. God Bless you and keep you and Porsche in his care enjoy the Holidays and hope to see you soon. Sincerely, Mr. James J. Stevens/ A true blue fan.. an Ellenite..