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james r. morgan
Name james r. morgan
Location rutland, ma.
Age 52
Joined 601 days ago
Hobbies drawing , fishing catch and release , hiking , partying , going to the ocean , mainly the beach and ocean in cancoon mexico . We won't be going there for some time due to my liver illness . Another thing i love to do if possible is to help people do thing's like puting together grills or entertainment ctrs.ect....
About Me I love to work and have ever since my teenage year's . But now i can't work because my neck need's surgery and they will not do surgery until my sick liver is better . The med's for my liver will be started mid december , they are said to make one feel as if they have a very bad flu , bad stomach and all the imagination can conjer up . Please wish me the best who ever end's up if anyone reading this . Thank you! Jim
james r. morgan
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598 days ago

will you (Ellen Degeneres) please e-mail a note to me at , my wife and i watch your show all the time and if were haveing not such a good day your show alway's perk's the both of us up ! It will be a great thing if you (Ellen) will contact us . I get the chance to watch your show daily becauce i've been out of work since april 2nd due to a neck problem that need's surgery and that will not be happening for at least a year , that's about how long i'll have to be takeing the med's for my liver . Oh , my liver has a problem that the treatment for is roughly a year , with flu like symptom's and other side affect's that are'nt so pleasant . Ellen , i will have plenty of time to see your show . I'me trying to have my wife get me some sort tablet or kindle type of unit to keep me entertained . From what i understand it is'nt going to be a pleasant time in my life , as if i need anymore unpleasant time's , after all we had two children and there time was up way too soon at seperate time's . Michael and Alecia are both in a much better place now although we were looking forward to giveing both children a much better world to live in than the world they are ending up with , man what a mess they are left with ! And our kid's , kid's , kid's will be trying to dig out from this mess . Please write to me . sincerely : James R. Morgan