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James Mack
Name James Mack
Age 63
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Hobbies Watching sports, walking, yard work, going to the horse races and watching my favorite television shows.
About Me I'm a 60 plus gentlemen, married to a lovely lady that goes by the name of Sunny. We both been married before and have children that has moved on and are on their own, but yet still call mom and dad. We have several grand children each and a couple of great grandsons as well. I'm looking forward to retiring hopefully at the end of this year, 2014 and hopefully before that my daughter who was laid off will find another job. If you are anyone are looking for a wonderful young lady to come work for you, please let me know. She was laid off from her company of 10 plus years and have been looking for another position for almost a year, while going back to school and improving her chances of getting the perfect job. I look forward to come on show and grove with you. Mack
James Mack
Bradley Cooper, Akshat Singh
158 days ago

On Bradley Cooper. Great actor and glad to hear that he's a Philly man. Need to have do a movie located in Philadelphia, eating a few cheese steaks and hoagies.