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james carbone
Name james carbone
Location santa cruz, california
Age 60
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Hobbies harmonica
About Me chef for 35 yrs going through divorce new partner in recovery from drugs and ptsd
james carbone
Message from Ellen
571 days ago

ive tried over and over but my grandkids still had no chritmas God bless you for all yuve done i realize thier millins of people who have written and its a long shot but im still your fan

james carbone
Message from Ellen
578 days ago

czndy czne i still have no gifts for my grandkids

james carbone
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595 days ago

ive been writing to you this season yu know my story, i just foouind out that i wont be able to get my grandkids anything at all for christmas say a prayer for me im all lthey have

james carbone
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596 days ago

u continue to amaze me

james carbone
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
597 days ago

im so sure that the world is a better place because you use your gift and show to truly help people make the turns and bumps in life