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Name James
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Hobbies writing poetry; be with my lovers.
About Me well not much to say already did.
Greyson Chance's New Music Video!
617 days ago

Hello Ellen, so did I win and when are you going to have Greyson back on the show to sing his new video, sunshine and city lights. I hope you pick me to win so i can be there to watch Greyson sing his new video sunshine and city lights, please thank you James

Message From Ellen
666 days ago

Hello Ellen, I send a book of my lyrics poem book way back when, and it by a unknown writer and it has some mistakes in it, a whole lot of them. There is a book club who buys books with mistakes in them and from unknown writer. If you still have it put it on a auction page. it may sell and use the money for breast cancer awareness. And ask your staff where it is.If you have already did so. Its call Confessions of a lyric poet, by James J. Aldridge. I send it a few years age like 2008/2009 to Ellen show Burbank Ca,your fan James, LOve ya and ur show. keep up the fun and good work that you do.