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Name james
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About Me keep on trucking, "the world loves a clown", got so upset with my work i dressed up like a clown, went to work, telling every co-worker, " if they are going to pay and treat us like clowns, we might as well dress as one!!" I strongly believe in defending the under dog and speaking up for the little guy or weak.
Message from Ellen
562 days ago

Thank you for your show, it makes me laugh. I don't agree with you on everything but I do respect you for how you help others. Like I see from others that write you I do not have a sad story to tell, the only thing I would like to plea for is maybe you could do something wonderful for the families of the Sandy school shootings. It would be a wonderful thing to see some smiles on the faces of them folks, that would make my day. Thanks again....James ""SMILE""

Anne Hathaway, CeeLo, and Day 11 of 12 Days
583 days ago

Ellen wanted to say If buy chance I win please take the items or the value and give it to the families of the Sandy shooting victims. I know nothing could ever replace what they have lost but maybe in some small way after some time it might bring some kind of joy back into their lives...thank you

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589 days ago

I need to win.. why??? The other day I was pulled over by a State Policeman for speeding. he said I was his last stop before his shift was over and if I could give him a good reason why I was speeding he would let me go..I said.."Well Officer my wife left me and ran off with a State Policeman and when I saw your lights I thought you was trying to bring her back!!!!!" He let me go..hummm.. maybe I am having a better day now!!