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Jakki Kirkaldie
Name Jakki Kirkaldie
Location Harlem, Mt
Age 27
Joined 530 days ago
Hobbies My favorite thing to do is anything to do with or learn about electronics!!! Soooo much to learn bout them! Anywho my other hobbies consist of music movies my family and last (but probably should be first)but not least by any means, my animals! These guys are my life. I love them so much! They could not be more fun or loved by anyone!
About Me I am a Montana resident I live with the love of my life and his son in a small town in Montana called Harlem. It is a peaceful place close to th reservation of fort belknap where my dads side of the family comes from. One of my life long goals in life is to find out more about my grandmother (my dads mom) as she was adopted and not much is known of her life. If I could find out more about her I may even be able to enroll in the Assiniboin tribe. It would be an honor to be able to do this and fun doing the research. Unfortunately I can't afford it right at the moment. :( but one of these days it will happen. Other than that I am a fun, loving, and outgoing person and love nothing more than helping others. Sometimes so much that I cut myself short a lot lol. I try not to do that but I honestly believe that I was put here on earth to help others. I work at a home for developmentally disabled adults and I love it soooo much! This is my calling from god and am glad to do it! I was made to help people I just wish I could do more in this world that has become so bad. But I just do what I can. Everyone deserves to get some help and I'm the person that was picked to do so and I'll do my best!!!! I love my family and my animals more than anything and hope I will be the best I can for them. They are my world! Anywho that about sums it up about who I am.....and who am I? I'm just plain ol' Jakki.