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Name Jaime
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Hobbies Ellen, Ellen and Ellen. :) Tennis, reading, movies, running, wine tasting, volunteering, everything.....
About Me Pretty easy going, witty, fun, enjoy sports, board games, anything competitive.
Magician or Baker?
600 days ago

Ellen - Thank you for using our bread for your trick. I'm the production manager at San Luis Sourdough.

I was in my office and received a call and the caller said "I was just watching the Ellen Show and she used your bread for a magic trick." I thought she was kidding because she knows how big of a fan I am of yours. I told her I would watch it when I got home. I decided to get on your web page and watch it and there it was. Our product, San Luis Sourdough. I was so exicted I told everyone that were still in their offices to check it out. We couldn't believe it. How did you ever get a hold of our bread? Thank you.

Jaime Juarez
Production Manager
San Luis Sourdough