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Jacqueline J.Turner
Name Jacqueline J.Turner
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Hobbies Singing and recording music, clothing and jewelry designer, crafting, sewing
About Me Semi-retired blues/R&B singer,worked with my band "The Cowboy Blues Band" for nine years, produced our own 12 song CD, won "Best Performance by a National Act" at the 7th Annual L.A. Music Awards. Single mom, raised two sons now grown. Went through a nasty divorce to a man who I put through 14 years of school including medical school. He did everything he could think of to attempt to take everything away from me using his power and influence to scheme with the aim to make me homeless with no income. I truly believe he paid off witnesses to testify against me in court and did end up not having to pay alimony and also caused me to lose my home. But I'm a survivor and haven't let him destroy my spirit or life, even though I lost so much because of his greed and resentment. I love to create anything, especially music..My motto is "To create is to be near the Creator"!
Jacqueline J.Turner
Happy Birthday, Ellen!
552 days ago

Happy Birthday to you Ellen! You've got the biggest heart and are so incredibly witty and entertaining, I'd love to meet you in person or even to be able to be sitting in your tv audience would be the greatest thing to me! You have the gift of always making me feel as if I'm sitting down with an old friend for a fun visit and a lot of laughter. Please know that you're surrounded with love.. it's the love that you show everyday being returned to you Wishing you all the happiness that your heart can hold; HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY FRIEND!