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Jacqueline Doss
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Jacqueline Doss
Devil Baby in NYC
184 days ago

Hi Ellen I am 62 I love you and your show i live in Chicago,and i would love to visit your show anytime.I have wrote and sent a Email to you and the show many times I hope one day you will consider me,i am waiting.Thank You.

Jacqueline Doss
Nominate a Deserving Person in Need
231 days ago

Hi Ellen I love you,but this is about my husband.My husband is awesome and he deserve everything.Leroy is a Marine,he served 3 years in the service 1 of them was in Vietnam from 1968 to 1971.After returning home we got married in 1975.It was hard for Leroy to hold down a job for long and when he did I got serverly sick.Myself working off and on and spending time in and out of the hospital from 1973 to 2009 with tuberculosis a severe case of psoriasis and a ruptured brain aneurysm made things a little hard financially for us.We both had to stop working Leroy had to completely take care of the family we had 3 children. I receive disability We can not afford to come to your show,but you are welcome to come to our home I would love to do something special for my husband I need your help.Thank You 773-779-8194