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Jacqualynn Page
Name Jacqualynn Page
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Hobbies Writing poetry, working with my grandson (all most ready for pre-school)
About Me I have been a single mom for the last 33 years. Tough job but I love my children and they have always come first in my life. I believed that there was no reason in this world that a single mom could not raise smart, mannerly, honest children and I was blessed to do that.. I could not be prouder of both of them! They were always good students, active in their church and outstanding athletes both in school and college. I worked full time and went back to school and KNEW I had to be on the Dean's List each semester to show them it COULD be done! They are now grown and just work hard at everything they do! I am so Blessed! They love me and treat me with the utmost respect as they do all of those in their lives. I could not ask for more. I still work two jobs and because of my ongoing involvement with everything in their lives never remarried and I guess that ship has sailed? I turned 60 this year...where did the years go? I used to be pretty and well built...and although I am not going to Hollywood I am still not too bad. But btw my jobs never time to try to meet a partner. But I AM happy! I spend time with my family and have a few good friends and God willing will continue to have a nice home. I was always the dry funny person in school and I guess I still am, sometimes a look just says it all.
Jacqualynn Page
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214 days ago

Well no surprise.. my plan was to try to watch and enter each day online? Had to internet for 7 days straight (thank you Verizon)! So now I am taping on the antiquated VCR and when it DOES tape...the television that keeps showing only a big line in the middle until I slap the side of the tv to get a full picture has managed to tape ONLY that line across the center of the TV, as I was not home to slap the side of the TV?? I really hope next year is better, especially for me and electronics! This past weekend went through the drive thru car wash...have problems with my driver window just going up and down at will..YES just when the 30 gallons of water and brushes were AT THE WINDOW it came down! It was like a SUNAMI ..and a little like water boarding! I could not see and the water was just flying all over me! I am trying frantically to get the window up and it kept going up and down and up and down! Wasn't pretty. Had to go into the dollar general for a few things and the looks were rediculous! It wasn't raining, so I know they all thought I just stepped right out of my shower with my clothes on and came to DG? That was THIS WEEKEND...I am prone to having that type of fun more than I NEED.

Jacqualynn Page
Message from Ellen
229 days ago

Love the show! Work two jobs so I do not often get time to watch. Cable is really high here so no DVR..I was using my old vcr to tape..until that went up? So, now I try to slip home between jobs and watch a little while grabbing a sandwich. What I like the most about the show is that it is uplifting. There is too much bad going on everywhere and we are flooded with it, but Ellen shows the good in people and the good in doing good! I tend to be a Scarlet, just this week I got the 3200 tax bill in the mail? I don't have 32.00 right now I am trying to make sure I can have christmas presents for my grandson, so I filed it away..I will think about it tomorrow! I am sure it will still be here. Its Christmas time and I have to concentrate on what I CAN do..and that is work, love my four year old grandson, watch Ellen when I CAN(love the little kids!) and be happy I have jobs and a tv!! Great show!! Who doesn't love TOM HANKS AND JAKE GYLLENHAAL!!