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Jackie Langlois
Name Jackie Langlois
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About Me A RN, MSN currently on medical leave, life long learner, patient advocate, helper, grandmother of 4 gorgeous kids, have Ginger my 5 yr old pal chuihuahua, Carly 10 yr old DSH, love to repurpose furniture, grow vegies, walk, knit, make jewelry, watch favorite TV: Ellen, Dr. Phil, 666 Park Ave, Animal Planet: Bulldogs for Payrolees,
Jackie Langlois
Matt Lauer, Sophia Grace & Rosie
452 days ago

Ellen, I love you but for the life of me I cannot watch Monday when you have Matt Lauer on the show. He threw Ann Curry under the bus to save his show? Doesn't he realize how much her intelligent reporting and professional demeanor brought to the show?
He is a egotist and a sexist pure and simple.

Jackie Langlois
You Write, Ellen Responds!
592 days ago

I love your show because you are a truthful person and committed to the rights of all people and you show that we all can make a difference. We do need positive role models like you for our children. With that in mind, in light of the tragedy in Ct., is it possible for you to take a stance and kick off a movement to ban assault weapons for all people except the military and police? We Have to stop people from getting these weapons of mass destruction from getting into the hands of deranged, or deluded individuals that are bearing grudges and killing everyone in their path especially our innocent children. We can control the number of people cut down in a tirade by banning assault weapons. You made such a difference in declaring a stop to bullying, that your influence can make people stand up, take notice and demand changes to public policy to
Demand the end of the sale of assault weaponry. I thank you for your attention to this! I am sickened to my core ( as a nurse, mother, grandmother) over this that Christmas is a distant thought. I would like to believe that I would run under a Mack truck for a child like teacher Ms. Mello did and the other teachers in Newton. I honor them and am so sad for their families, as these brave folk were persons that will be truly missed for the beauty of their souls and love for children above all else. Our society will miss them.
Jackie, RN