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jackie andrepont
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Hobbies hobbies are gone since stricken with RA just trying to survive but thankful for your show
jackie andrepont
Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need
231 days ago

I see so many people in need but taking a chance also for my son who lost his job because his employer wouldnt put him on a payroll and he needed it so that he could pay child support. he just got engaged and was moving into a home next month. now he cant do any of it, including buying anything for his son for christmas and is now selling his only transportation so that he can pay child support and provide for his son. hes feeling hopeless and made the comment today, that he wishes Ellen could help. joking, because he doesnt think anything good will happen to him now. so maybe a miracle will happen and Ellen will see this.. :)

jackie andrepont
Message from Ellen
585 days ago

Ive tried to enter a couple of times, but it wouldnt let me and I cried! lol id love for my son to have a chance to win some things because hes struggling so much to find the money for shopping for his little boy and family. keeping my fingers crossed and Merry Christmas to you all