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Jackie Adams
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During you asked who needs a car. My daughter Alyssa is a 19 year old single mom . She found out she was pregnant her senior year of high school. We live in a town where that kind of thing doesn't happen and she chose to have her son even thou she was looked down upon and talked about even by her church elders. She works two jobs and the father of her son isn't in her life due to he is in jail. We have one car that we share in our family and she will get up early in the morning to drive me to work and anyone else that needs a ride. Last April she was in a car accident with her son. A drunk drive hit them going 65 miles an hour. Alyssa had a head injury and has been a champ. I'm so proud of her she is a great mom and puts her son first. She is always so upbeat even when things are at their worse.