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Jack Johnson
Name Jack Johnson
Location Wellington, New Zealand
Age 32
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Hobbies SOcialising, Singing, KapaHaka
About Me I'm a little observant when it comes to new people and environments, to wind down or relax I like to spend time with my family or otherwise be surronded with friends and having a good time
Jack Johnson
Tyler Perry, Ludacris
421 days ago

Tyler Perry!!! MEAN!!! His Madea movies r legend not to mention mind numbingly, pants wetting having me in fits funny lol... I know we... (New Zealand) don't get to see most latest movies till months after they've been released so... what I'm wandering there a latest Madea movie since The Family Reunion and when will be able to enjoy your projects you are in the middle of working on.
LMAO... Sorry bout the long az comment...
Just a big fan of Tylers and a even bigger fan of you Ellen.

Thanks Jack Johnson hahaha... and not the well known singer...