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Name J.Fleming
Joined 582 days ago
Hobbies I like to walk to stay in shape, and i play alot of games on line.
About Me I am retired , i have 2 grown children , 3 grandchildren, and 5 greatgrands...I am about to become grandmother again in March of 2013... I love country music, Ellen show, and dancing...
Message from Ellen
561 days ago

I am so upset , i can't watch your show because my satellite provider and the station that i watch you on are bickering about Money as usual...I miss your show, you made me laugh every day, I miss you Ellen...

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582 days ago

Dear Ellen, I watch your show everyday , i think you are hilarious... I have a question for you... Why dont people like me who have had nothing all of their lives ever get a break in life and be able to just survive without something always happening to set them back... I am greatful for what i do have, but could sure do with alot more. i am retired an supposed to be enjoying my life and i seem to be helping everybody else out... I thought when you helped others , it would come back to you threefold...Am i wrong??? I love you and think you are wonderful. You do a lot of good.