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Isabela I.
One Direction
236 days ago

Hi Ellen(this is a really long message but please read it, it would mean so much if you read it and maybe emailed me back), I'm not sure you will read this but if you are I just wanted to say that I am 12 years old and I'm the biggest One Direction fan. I think about them all day and just dream of meeting them because they are my idols. I can't meet them because my parents say that the meet and greet tickets cost too much. I see how you make people's dreams come true and i have been longing to meet them for so long and this may be my only chance. They have given me the slightest ounce of hope because so much has been going on and I know that I can just think about them to make me happy. Everyone in school either doesn't like me or teases me baca use I like One Direction but I dont care because I love them and know that they love me too no matter what anyone says. The love that I have for these 5 boys is just so much and just to stand next to them and talk to them would be the best thing in the world because they are everything to me.