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Isa mendes
Name Isa mendes
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Hobbies smimming and singing
About Me i am one off justin biebers fans, i love him ,i wish i could meet him . i really like singing his songs and listening to them i really want to meet him . my mum can't aford for one of his tickets
Isa mendes
Justin Bieber
509 days ago

Ellen i really want to meet justin bieber . i love him . i love his eyes i just love every thing about him i love his music i lisen to it every day when i wake up in the morning . when ever i come from school i watch your show i love it . i hope you notice this
love isa

Isa mendes
Justin Bieber
510 days ago

hey Ellen
i am one of justin bieber's biggest fans!i am 12 years old and my sister is 16 , we love justin bieber , me and my sister always talk about justin. our dream is to meet him. my mum can't aford to pay a consert ticket because i had to stay in hospital for a week because i had a operation on my wast and my mum is at home with me and don't get any monye from work so that is hard for her to get me a VIP ticket but we really want a to meet him we have loved him and we now a lot i don't care if people call him gay i have been bullied because of me liking him but i will never stop liking him. I really hope you notice this and make our biggest and wildest dreams come true!.
thanks Ellen , Isa