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Irma  Middleton
Name Irma Middleton
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Hobbies Volunteer at Dye Elementary, Reading books from library, FB, Ellen, Watching shows like Walking Dead, Drop Dead Diva, True Blood, syfy movies and musicals. Going to daughters Cheerleading events, or school functions.
About Me I won't let my health stop me. I am living with Systemic Lupus with Kidney damage, Diabetes complication, Nerve damage. I left work at age 40- 4 years ago when lupus symptoms were getting worse, and when taking a pill wasn't fixing my health. I did it kicking and screaming right to a Psychologist, who explained that even though I couldn't be super women I could still contribute. I have a great daughter of 11 that needs all my attention to help her get to school (ADHD and ODD). She is reason 1 why I need to stay alive. Reason 2, is my husband of 20 years, Mathew, whom we are working to get Sleave Bariatrics(which is approved by medicare but no code to get covered) and needs me as a caregiver, as he can't do for himself. Death do you part, in sickness and health. To feel worthwhile for myself I have been volunteering at my daughters school for the last 5 years (RIF-which I am sad to say has been canceled this year due to funding), Bookfair a weekly event in which I work non stop to help the dedicated librarian Mrs. Swinson at Dye Elementary, Art fair for Mrs. McGinnis, Pictures for Mrs. Dennis, and whatever else needs volunteers. I like to read, watch musicals, and watch syfy movies and play on FaceBook. I like my afternoon shows when I am not going to the doctors for myself, husband, or daughter I get to rest from cleaning the house. I wish I could do more, but even when I volunteer I need weeks to recover from the mental and physical exhaustion. I have sister, nieces, nephews and other people that love me as I do them. And I really do like to take naps.
Irma  Middleton
Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Kelly Clarkson
612 days ago

Watching this video, brings tears to my eyes. Thanks for being there for these people.