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Irene Schaffer
Name Irene Schaffer
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Hobbies little use of hands but i do love entering contest even though chances are one in a million, and i love TrickyTray auctions
About Me I am 60 yrs old soon to be 61. I was active, but now since I fell on my way to work in March of 2013 I have become disabled and had to take a disability retirement. I sure do miss working, but I know it is the impossible due to medications. I have to take transit to get around and find that hard so I really stay close to home. Use to love to travel, but now I suffer anxiety and depression so basically I am a stay at home type of person. Love movies, plays, going on long drives if someone offers and hate gambling, smoking and heavy drinkers. I know tricky tray auctions are a for of gambling, but you do win prizes.
Irene Schaffer
The Marvelous Minnie Driver
149 days ago

It seems like since I have become disabled after several spinal surgeries I have become housebound. I really miss working but know it is beyond my control. I would love to win tickets to the show if close to NY because I would have to take the Path Train. Ellen you are an amazing person with heart of gold.