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irene gonzales
Name irene gonzales
Location Alhambra , CA
Age 56
Joined 662 days ago
Hobbies Grandsons. Watching Ellen. Cooking. Family. Reading. Life. Dancing
About Me I can't do many physical activities because of illness...but I enjoy my . Grandsons I try to go places like the movies with them and out too eat..financially things are hard but I do what I can I have to be at home a lot and I'm in the hospital a lot but as long ├ás I can watch your show I have a smile everyday. Thank you
irene gonzales
Colin Farrell, Nolan Gould
662 days ago

Ellen you are the most caring person and the love you have for people and animals alike is beautiful. U are truly a blessed person and everything you do just adds a ray of sunshine into everyone's life. You have brought me through some very hard times where giving up seemed like te best and only solutiongh But you make me smile and laugh and smile and just be happy. Even when I almost died from kidney failure and cancer you have got me through with your happy smile. I hope to be able to see your show one day. Looking forward to cat week. Bless you ELLEN.