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Irene Clark
Taylor's Earwig Scare
327 days ago

OMG. Ellen earwigs can and do go into peoples' ears. Picture it Ellen: The mid 1980's. A youth music camp in picturesque Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada. It was mid August and almost 3am when I was awoken from my sleep by a piercing pain in my left ear. I had been swimming in the bay that afternoon and thought my ear was plugged with some salt water. I got up from bed, shook my head a few times and thought "Owww, that really hurts." After several attempts at shaking the blockage from my ear I popped a couple of Aspirin, and a vitamin C tablet and tried going back to sleep. The pain intensified so I got up again and went for the nearest Q-tip. When I pulled the Q-tip from my ear I almost jumped out of my skin. My screams woke up all the other campers in the bunkhouse. I tried to explain what came out of my ear. It was an Earwig. My mind immediately went to that scary episode of The Twilight Zone and I insisted that the first-aider take me to the nearest hospital. When we got there they did not find any other earwigs; however, they did detect a small amount of blood on my eardrum and put me on antibiotics for a week - just in case...
PS> Loved the Ear Wig you gave Taylor 'cause every camp I went to after that one, I always wore a pair of earmuffs to bed.