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Iraina R Caramelli
Name Iraina R Caramelli
Location Pocono Lake, Pa
Age 35
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Hobbies Making greeting cards with my Monday card group of wonderful ladies!
About Me I am an Artist working in two dimensional media exploring nature and the human form
Iraina R Caramelli
Message from Ellen
324 days ago

I can't believe that you're giving away everyday the "12 Days of Christmas" gifts! I'm trying to figure out how to do that on the site (I,at 65, I'm not real computer savvy!). Just have to say to you that I think you are amazing, not only because you give away all of these wonderful gifts, but because you really care about people. I think of my daughter, Heather, who could really benefit from any of those wonderful gifts. She is turning 40 next year (and really stressing over it). She works very hard as an LPN with severely handicapped people at the White Haven Center here in PA. She truly loves those people. Not because she's my daughter (of course mothers are all in love with their own) but she is such a beautiful person. the problem is, she works so hard and doesn't seem to get ahead. My husban and I try to help her when we can, but she is very proud and refused to take too much help. Ellen, if anyone is deserving of your help, it's my angel, Heather. If you can find it in your heart to help her, I would forever be grateful!
One of your fans,
Iraina R. Caramelli