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Ingrid Mendez
Name Ingrid Mendez
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About Me I lost my job about 1 year ago. Worked as an educator for the Surgical Technology Program. I worked in surgery for many years,became a Cosmetologist.I feel spiritually empowered to have made the difference in some many people's lives,in different ways.LOVE YOUR SHOW..and all the Humble and kind things you have done 4 so many. Many blessings to you and Portia! Ingrid
Ingrid Mendez
Ellen and Portia's Anniversary Skywriting Through the Years
219 days ago

What a beautiful thing, may God Bless you both and your love.I have been with my husband for 15 years.Wish we could do something like that!We got married in shorts at the local City Hall,15 yrs. ago, he always said let's do something different when we do our wedding, but, time has lapsed and never were able to, but our love is immense, we have a child together, and that's what really matters! Happy Holidays....Ingrid

Ingrid Mendez
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219 days ago

#1 fan, watch your show sad... no one fron Florida won?
Warm regards from Miami,
Ingrid & Mendez Family